Doing IT Around the World thanks these sponsors for helping make this project a reality:

ROARZ Computing - Web Hosting & Resources Sponsor

ROARZ computing delivers on the key business outcomes that you are looking for on the web today.

Increasing customer convenience and business efficiency is our speciality.

How do we achieve that? Using internet-based marketing, sales, and customer care systems that enable you to inform and communicate with your customer base 24hours a day, seven days a week.

Who do we service? Manufacturing, wholesale or retail, ROARZ provides you with on-line tools specifically designed to streamline your customer relations management and provide you with more of your most important commodity: time.

Above all, it must suit YOU ... Which is why we offer a choice of monthly service plans to allow you to match your desired outcome to your budget. The end result is a set-and-forget system that ensures your website is kept constantly up-to-date to meet the demands of your marketplace.

i.on my business - Project Management & Marketing Sponsor

i.on my business is an evidence based governance, risk management, compliance and accreditation solution. With increasing compliance regulations across industries i.on my is applicable across all industries and designed to map to the standards.

i.on my business will help micro businesses through to large enterprises:

  • Know what to do — Interpret the regulations, standards, contracts, trading agreements and policies for your environment.
  • Know what you do — Understand and document your policies, processes and controls.
  • Do what you say — Monitor for compliance and changes over time.
  • Say what you know — Report as required.

NewsGallery - Media Sponsor

Publish your own Media Releases easily with NewsGallery:

  • Free web publishing
  • Flat-fee email distribution
  • Search engine optimized PR
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